Business Valuations

Buy/Sell Agreements for business interest
Minority interest buyouts or suits
Business purchase or sale
Estate and gift planning or tax filings
Asset acquisition decisions
Business insolvency or bankruptcy
Matrimonial Divisions

Tax Consulting

Business Liquidations and Reorganizations
Inventory and Asset Capitalization
Tax analysis for independent contractor Sec.530
Taxation in bankruptcy/Compromy in debt

Tax planning for:
Partnerships or LLCs
Tax deferred exchanges
Estates and Trust
Charitable Trust
Construction Taxation
Matrimonial Disputes

Business Consulting

System design and service provider of computerized general ledger system.
Business organizational structure and procedures.
Budgets and forecast projections.
Cash flow management.
Employee fringe benefit plans.
Qualified and non-qualified retirement and compensation plans.
Employment and overtime consulting.
Liability and debit management.

Electronic Business Services

Electronic Business Services
Payroll and related matters
Top and overtime requirements
Other required document filings
Payroll processing

Accounts receivable and accounts payable subsidiary services
Construction job cost systems
Tax filings under magnetic media requirements for federal and state agencies

Tax Preparation

Complete Tax Preparatory Services
Partnership and LLCs
Corporations and Sub-Chapter S Corps
Trust and Estates
State and Multi-State filings
Foreign-Taxation for US taxpayers
Property and Sales Taxes
Homeowner Associations
Tax Audit Management
IRS/State Tax

Financial Statements

Audited or reviewed financials statements in areas of specialty
Construction organizations
Retail and wholesale organizations

Complicated financial statements
Homeowner associations
Legal and medical service organizations
Retail and wholesale organizations
Construction organization